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1-on-1 Chair Side Surgical Mentorship Program

CE Earned: 24 Credits
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m
(Over two days and 8 hours in office) 

Format: Lecture and Hands-On
Fee: $2595

In this course you will:


DAY 1:

Morning session - Interactive lecture

•    Biological basis of oral wound healing

•    Principles of atraumatic extraction

•    Socket preservation

•    Bone graft materials and membranes

•    Guided Bone Regeneration

•    Introduction to CBCT

Afternoon session - Hands-on workshop

•    Introduction to Osseointegration

•    History of Dental Implants

•    Implant biomechanics

•    Treatment planning

•    Use of proximators in atraumatic extraction

•    Use of bone graft materials in socket preservation

•    Use of collagen membrane in Guided Bone Regeneration

•    Suture selection and techniques

DAY 2:

Morning session - Interactive lecture  

•    CBCT principles

•    Radiation safety

•    Review of head and neck anatomy

•    Interpretation of CBCT scans

Afternoon session - Hands-on workshop

•    Set up motor, handpiece, surgical kits

•    Implant placement on models and carpine jaws

•    Q & A session

•    Closing remarks

Chair-Side One on One In-office Training*

•    Place implants in your office on your patients**

•    IN office implant marketing strategies with your staff

•    Dental assistant training in surgical assisting and sterilizations techniques

* Scheduled upon completion of INplant Mentorship Program, Level 1 course.

**  Scheduling will be coordinated between INplant Mentor Dentist and Practice for up to 8 hours in a single day.

Course Objectives:
At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
1.  Understand the process of oral wound healing.
2.  Extract teeth with the atraumatic approach.
3.  Understand the properties of one graft materials.
4.  Use barrier membranes in grafting procedures. 
5.  Describe the biological basis of osseointegration.
6.  Read CBCT scans with confidence.
7.  Select the proper implant for each use.
8.  Understand Pharmacology related to implant surgery.
9.  "Crown Down" Implant treatment planning utilizing CAD/CAM.
10.  Address surgical and prosthetic complications.

24 CE Credits Earned!


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