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- Robert B Garelick DDS PC, D. ASBA

Diplomate, American Sleep and Breathing Academy

"For twenty years I was referring the placement of dental implants to specialists in my area. Naturally, I would restore them. I found that not all the fixture placements were ideal. I took hundreds of hours of continuing education to further my expertise in the surgical aspect. None of these courses truly gave me the confidence to place the implants on my own. When you get back to your own office, you’re working on real people with confidence of your expertise.  Dr. Mikhli’s course was the only course that truly gave me the confidence I needed. What sets Dr. Mikhli apart is that after the series of lectures, reading CT scans, and practicing on models and animal jaws, Dr. Mikhli came to my office.  We placed five implants on my own patients together. Now I place more than 75% of the implants on my patients.  It has made me busier and more profitable. In addition, Dr. Mikhli is always available to discuss a case, share a CT scan for discussion, and generally just talk to about the industry.  With so many fixtures and components available to us today, and with the advancement of digital dentistry, simply knowing Dr. Mikhli has made me highly proficient in implant dentistry." 

- David Rahr, DDS, Kings Park, NY

"Dr. Mikhli gave me the confidence, encouragement, and guidance to place implants.  In addition to implant placement, Dr. Mikhli taught me extremely helpful methods to present implant treatment plans, fee presentations, post-op instructions, and consent to treatment.  I would definitely recommend the INplant surgical mentoring program."​

- Morris Chimon, DDS Albertson, NY

"The course was wonderful and has helped my practice and my confidence.  The course started with extraction techniques and bone graft for ridge preservation.  After the first day of the course I started doing extractions that I would have normally sent to an Oral Surgeon. The technique was easy and the instruments and supplies he told us to use made a big difference and has immediately helped my practice.  The course then continued with much more information.  Dr. Mikhli is always there for help by phone, text or email.  The rest of the course was just as informative and lastly we had a hands day on placement of implants on models and on an animal mandibles and maxillae.  I have already scheduled my first implant case with Dr. Mikhli by my side.  I am confident that I will be giving my patients an opportunity to improve their dental health in my office without having to see a surgeon."

- Aleksandr Onatskiy, DDS

Brooklyn, NY

"I always wanted to start placing implants, but prior to beginning this practice, I want to feel confident and able to successfully complete the job. Before I attended Dr. Mikhli’s course, I took two manikin hands-on courses, one from Nobel, but I never felt ready to start doing it. I took Dr. Mikhli’s course in 2016, and it wasn’t  complicated and it was very straightforward, making you feel ready to start placing implants right away. During the clinical part, placing implants on my patients, Dr. Mikhli was very supportive throughout the process and helped me achieve a successful result. Since then, I placed around 50 implants by myself, but even now if I encounter a difficult case, Dr. Mikhli is very willing to help and to give advice. This is probably the best course I have ever attended during my career."

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